Health is what we think...?

What is health?

Everyone wants this in the name of health, yet most people have never thought about what their "health goal" really looks like. What would happen if you and your family were healthy?

It's like this: imagine shooting a bow and arrows at a specific target and have no idea what the target is. What do you think are the chances that you will hit the target? Not much better. Knowing the target greatly increases your chances of hitting the target. Normally everyone has a definition of health, but it's like a goal. A compliment doesn't help much.

How would you feel, what would your children do and what would life be like? Have a clear goal of what it will be like to be healthy. Instead of just aiming for a dark target, locate your target. How much energy will you have, what will your symptoms and illness be, and how free will you be? Knowing your target greatly increases your chances of hitting.

When you really know what your goal is, how are you going to achieve it?
Nature works on the principle of most things and nothing. Light is a thing and darkness is the absence of light. Sound is one thing and silence is the absence of sound. Health is one thing, and symptoms and disease are the absence of health. But some time ago they got mixed up. Somehow it has become all about symptoms and illnesses, and once you deal with the symptoms and illness, your health will remain. And yet, most people know that health is more important than the absence of symptoms and disease. So what does this mean? This means that in order to stay healthy you need to do more than just treat symptoms and illness.

Let me tell you why If there is shadows or darkness in a room, the only way to get light in the room is to turn on the light. No matter how many ways you measure and quantify shadows, you can shake them under a rug, not cut them out of the room, or invent chemicals to get rid of the shadows. Can't The only thing you can do is change the light.

Health is one thing. And no matter how many ways you measure and quantify symptoms and disease, the only way to stay healthy is to improve your health.
So what is it that adds health to your life? I summed up it on 7 Easy Things.

  • Refresh your inner knowing - that is, your instincts, the inner reaction that everyone knows - listen to it.
  • Latest - not just sleeping, really relaxing, which can be sleepy.
  • Breathe fresh air - take deep breaths in fresh air each day.
  • Food and water - everyone is different, make sure everything you choose to eat and drink is fresh and pure. No one diet is right for everyone.
  • Lightweight - Get healthy amounts.
  • Activity - Physical and mental activity. The best form of activity is what you actually do. It doesn't have to be the same every day.
  • Consciousness - Consciousness or awareness when you do all of the above and live your life.

And the biggest part of it all is that 1 + 1 + 1 = 9. It's not linear. Every thing you do and every time you do it, others grow faster, your health increases.

Reach your goal and improve your health. Easy