Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Chiropractor

# 1 They value your time.

They should guaranty the maximum wait time like 30 minute wait in office even try to wait less than 10 minutes and only wait longer on rare occasions or in an emergency. However, isn't your time as valuable as that of your doctors?

# 2 More number of years of practical experience.

The average in US is 689 patients per doctor. so try to find a Chiropractor  that have more experience than the average chiropractor.

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# 3. Chiropractor should guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Most will not as he does not trust his services. How confident are we? We offer 100 satisfaction guarantee. We cannot guarantee your results, but we can guarantee you complete satisfaction with the way you have been treated. If at any point during your treatment you feel that you have not been treated like a V.I.P, let me know and we will correct it.

# 4. He must listen to you.

Many Rhode Island offices are full of doctors who are not quite ready to listen to complaints from their patients. Doctors in a hurry and dedicated staff are more common. Listening to patients should be important in any exercise; do not underestimate.

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# 5. He must offers therapeutic, stress less and affordable methods.

Many treatments suggest plans lasting 6 months or more. Should believe in a more affordable and more conservative approach to treatment. Should offer  multiple payment plans (if required) so that treatment plans meet all types of  budgets.